Monday, February 20, 2012

Camera Bling giveaway!

Pamela Topping Photography is giving away a camera key chain, a camera necklace, and my fav an 'I shoot people' bracelet! Spread the word about her! 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Beautifying the basement

Today I am grateful for the gifts my mother gave me to spruce up the basement! I now have a computer desk and a few things on the wall.

Today was the last day of the Christa Meola worshop and I am not terribly disappointed. Maybe shes just not my scene but I did not find her to be very knowledgeable or professional and even slightly annoying. Her cussing branded her work for me, at least shes honest shes 'all about brand.' I am however SUPER excited about the next workshop which is my all time favorite, BABY PHOTOGRAPHY! The workshop addresses maturity to toddler and touches on some business. This is exactly the type of workshop I am needing. I think, fingers crossed.

I didn't take any actual pictures today, but I took a snap shot of the computer desk. I figure at least it got the camera in my hand and will hopefully help build of habit of having it there. Hopefully I get some fun valentines photos in the next 2 days.

And here is a reedit, me trying to figure out how to use photoshop in photography. I feel like I will never get it right! But here's to day one of trying.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Boudoir Workshop With Christa Meola Day One

I struggled through the Christa Meola workshop day one with the kids. I am grateful that it wasn't half as bad as I thought it would be though. Biggest issue was salsa and shredded cheese in the fuzzy rug. 

Boudoir is not my major intrust but it was one of many different style workshops I signed up for in the next couple months. I figure there will be things to learn in each one such as lighting and posing that can carry into all genres of photography and be useful in my progression. Plus I do have a love of all types imagery. Its fun and a learning experience even if it is not my career focus.

I was really intimidated when I sat down for the workshop being as I feel very far behind where I feel I should be in my photography. People I started with have surpassed me long ago. I need to be more dedicated, that's no secret. But I actually walked away from day one a with a little confidence. I got to see some professional shots and business owners unveiled their on the spot compositions. All in all, they were wonderful photos but pre editing I was not wildly impressed. I don't feel as far away from them as I once did. 

I do feel strongly though that my editing is harming my images rather than enhancing them. I think I need to commit to a large amount of work in photoshop. I need to google tutorials, but I don't even know for what. I am unsure where to start and feel somewhat overwhelmed. If I am going to progress as a photographer I have got to get post processing down. I've looked into this before but haven't really found much useful free information on post processing. I am lucky tomorrow Christa Meola will be dabbling in lightroom, not a well liked friend of mine, but I have it and so I am determined to walk away with some knowledge on the program from tomorrow's workshop session!

I took a major leap today and began to develop a plan to achieve photographs I truly love and can be proud of. Today's workshop instructed me to write a mission statement for the course. I felt it more fit, since I am not yet high enough on any latter to claim a brand, to generalize it and apply it to my goals as budding photographer. I wrote down a few things I really hope to succeed in incorporating into my art. By the end of this workshop I will will write my mission statement for becoming a photographer.

Here's to following our dreams...

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Daily Gratitude

Today I am extremely grateful for my children's good behavior. I had no idea they could be have at all, period. They surprised me at the church's child care today though. And I must say I am proud of them for doing so well and not even crying when I left! Adelyn's only fit was it was time to leave. 

Forgot my camera when we went to the park today, so no photo today unfortunately.

Also, I saw some SOOC shots from a photographer today. I am beginning to think maybe its not my photography that is bad (though it is clear I need certain pieces of equipment) but that I have terrible photoshop skills. I really thought it was the other way around. But I think thats a much better way to have it. All in all it was a good boost of confidence. I needed it. 

Online photography workshop from noon to 7pm tomorrow. I sign up for these often and they usually last 3 days. Between the kids, chores/errands, and just randomness I ever actual watch and learn from one. If you miss it, its $100.00 to buy the video to watch it. I hope with my unspoken goal in mind, I sit down with some pen and paper, by the grace of god minimal interruption from the kids,  and commit to the 3 day workshop and walk away with at least one good eye opener. I hope to improve my composure.

So no new photo of the day, but I love this photo. Its my current favorite and gives me a good smile. What better end to the day than a smile. My beautiful little girl.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Gratitude Journal Challange.

I've decided to take on the Positive journal challenge. Every day for 5 minutes or more I will write about something I am grateful for from that day. I also hope to beef up my photography skills by posting a photo relating to each entry, the original purpose for this Ghost Blog. My goal is in 1 years time to place outstanding weight on each day's thoughts with positivity rather than pay attention to my dramatically half empty cup. I am willing to bet some of my posts will have photos not take by me. That's simply because I them uplifting and inspirational and if that isn't positive then I don't know what is.

Today I am grateful for the chaos I call my children. If I have anything to be proud of, its them. Their laughter and smiles melt my heart. I wish I could freeze time and they could stay little and my best friends for ever. I could handle finger paints off the entire house everyday for the rest of my life, its a small price to pay.