Thursday, February 9, 2012

Daily Gratitude

Today I am extremely grateful for my children's good behavior. I had no idea they could be have at all, period. They surprised me at the church's child care today though. And I must say I am proud of them for doing so well and not even crying when I left! Adelyn's only fit was it was time to leave. 

Forgot my camera when we went to the park today, so no photo today unfortunately.

Also, I saw some SOOC shots from a photographer today. I am beginning to think maybe its not my photography that is bad (though it is clear I need certain pieces of equipment) but that I have terrible photoshop skills. I really thought it was the other way around. But I think thats a much better way to have it. All in all it was a good boost of confidence. I needed it. 

Online photography workshop from noon to 7pm tomorrow. I sign up for these often and they usually last 3 days. Between the kids, chores/errands, and just randomness I ever actual watch and learn from one. If you miss it, its $100.00 to buy the video to watch it. I hope with my unspoken goal in mind, I sit down with some pen and paper, by the grace of god minimal interruption from the kids,  and commit to the 3 day workshop and walk away with at least one good eye opener. I hope to improve my composure.

So no new photo of the day, but I love this photo. Its my current favorite and gives me a good smile. What better end to the day than a smile. My beautiful little girl.