Tuesday, January 1, 2013

NewYears Rez / 365 / Revamp Promise

Today is the first day in 2013. Its a day to start fresh and set new goals. Like everyday, its a day to better yourself in ways that better those around you. Today is a honor, a gift.

Every single year I New Year Resolution the dog poo out of the first day so I can get to work. I create intricate plans I will execute and finalize, leading me to victory over all the promises of broken bad habits my pretty little heart craves. Truth be told my heart craves no yearly assault against delicious baked goods, sweetened drinks, my lounge time, and projects I only started to impress someone -- usually myself in a moment of doubt, and all the other things I store in my garage until we have to pack it to move, like today. Way to ring in the new year right?

Not weakened by the defeat of last year's war with resolutions, I promise yet again, this year will be different.

So here is my absurdly long list of betterment for this coming year.

1. A/B grades in school.
2. A Good Savings
3. Decorate my house for once -- if you know me you understand haha
4. Write more -- about anything its a rusted talent I today realized I missed.
5. Actually complete a Project 365
6. Sell a photo
7. Conquer Scream free parenting for real
8. Improve Sewing / kitting / crochet / photography  / all other back burner hobbies
9. Never have more than 1 load of laundry at a time
10. Wash every dish immediately after use to avoid the agony of a full sink
11. Enjoy Hawaii, it will be my new home for the next three years
12. Learn to swim / go under water without holding my nose
13. Stop living in people's shadows
14. Enjoy my friends and family more
15. Worry less, Complain less, Thank more
16. Calm the hell down
17. Make my kids clean their own rooms
18. Laugh my heart out
19. Eat right / learn to cook.
20. Kick the Hawaii pcs's butt
21. Learn a second language
22. Climb a volcano or mountain
23. Update this blog everyday unless case of emergency
24. Learn Makeup & Style
25. Get a pair of shoes I feel sexy in
26. Experience living life
27. Learn to park (maybe back up too?)
28. Make a bunch of new friends
29. Build something with my bare hands
30. Repurpose the two kids dressers
31. Love myself for who I am as well as enjoy myself for what I am worth

Ok, that's all I can think of ... for now. The intense feeling you get when looking at a to do list that long is probably why I always lose this war. However, I walk away from each year with memories, love, smiles, and health and so hey, whose keeping score?? So I have picked my 5 major must have victories. They are highlighted in Gold.

My next post will be later today, my first day of Project 365. Since I have already given up day light and have no indoor lighting, don't expect anything more than a snap shot.

Anyone wanna pack my garage?