Wednesday, September 19, 2012

And I am back. One day I am going to revamp this blog, then continue to remember to come back and post. Part of the problem is each time I come back it has changed its look and feel. I hate change. And so I just leave. Haha.

Anyway, I have much to be grateful for lately in life and I would like to share it with anyone or thing listening. From my family reuniting, births in the family, moving to Hawaii soon, all the way down to my health I have praise to sing.

Today is a short post, but I will soon be tracking my journey to Hawaii and hope to have a bucket list via this blog as well as progressing with my photography through business and networking on here and other places.

But for today, something small. Some small gratitude to send myself off to peaceful sleep. Today, of all things, I am grateful for a messy kitchen. Dinner time is a time of "helpers", "oops", "that was an accident mom, I didn't know Adelyn couldn't fit the entire carton of milk in her cup", "is this ho...OUCH! why is this stove hot momma?" to "Babe, is dinner done? Done now? Is dinner almost done? So almost... does that mean dinner is done now? "

Think possessed dishes flying across the counters, flash floods in the sink while filling pots for boiling potatoes,'what was that?... omg...', and 'I don't like that, I don't like that, I don't like that either. Can we have fruit snacks fro dinner?' 'Sorry your peppers just fell in the trash'.' MOM THE DOG STOLE THE CHICKEN!', 'D! That does not belong in the oven, EVER!'

All in all its amazing I am blessed with the clean up while the rest of the house readies for bed. Well, amazing that I get to clean up while I get the rest of the house ready for bed. I often find myself sick with worry, gah we are running out of food and pay day is not in sight! But be it so we never starve. We may scrap, but thankfully our bellies know no hunger pains. My children know no sleep where your growling stomach wakes you. I will gladly clean the mess in return for my family's fullness. I am grateful we have been given the opportunity to thrive and have easy access to basic necessity like clean food and water. So many do not.

And just so you know, we had an amazing! spinach and cream meat loaf with delicious garlic butter potatoes and some broccoli and dinner salads! How lucky we are!

I hope to be back tomorrow night. I hope to come back every night to praise the things I am taking for granted all day.