Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Missed Yesterday

& thats exactly why I am a terrible, terrible blogger. That and I'm boring.

Day wasn't so bad, except now with my memory I can't remember the entire thing.

I did a lot of childrens puzzles, Damion threw a lot of puzzle pieces out of frustration, and Adelyn ate a lot of puzzle pieces out of... well, out of fatness.

Damion rode his bike around town for the first time ever! He looked fantastically cute in his helmet. Too bad it didn't last long and ended with mommy carrying a big wheel, pushing Addy's stroller, and trying to quiet Damions fits of rage due to the fact he is unable to peddle up hill. I hope his temper and distaste for failure take him somewhere in life; not down. He is a very passionate child, and anything lacking perfection taunts him. He reminds me a lot of myself.

I didn't do laundry. And I am not doing it again right now.

Me and the girl scouts are about to be at war. Why in God's name would they be holding posters on the corner of my town if they have NO thin mints???

And the knocker for the day- Tried to give the kids a bath, the water restrictions are now lifted. Addy took a dumb the size of her head in the water. She didn't mind, she continued to play, Damion was in shock and kept looking at me wide eyed while I rushed to get him out. Then he whispered in disbelief, "Why would fatty poops on Damion...."

And we had pasta for dinner!