Thursday, August 5, 2010

Project 365 Catch up +some

I never get to post everyday, kids keep me busy and husband isn't back to work yet so we have had a lot of family time.

I just wanted to document, for future blackmail, that we took Damion to the park this week. We are diligently working on potty training. We get to the park, first trip all week past the front yard with NO pamper. I said "Never pee your pants, ok?" (bc thats how he speaks) I received the normal sure whatever head shake and off he went. I went to take some photos of graffiti at the park while he played and suddenly everyone is laughing. Why? Bc Damion had dropped his drawers and was peeing free as a bird in the center of the playground. "Never pee your pants, ma!" Thats right son, never pee your pants...

Day 4

Day 5
Walked around town.

Day 6
This is the 365 bc of the quality, but I also like this one below. 

Day 7
I'm happy with this one. 
Can't decide between edits.. Hm...